Ying Yang V 1 by Doscaras

The Cohesion

The Cohesion is a world of balance and paradox. The balance exists on many levels and the paradox comes from elements of the balance working to undo each other. Much as good works against evil, hot against cold, light against dark. These forces push against each other and drive The Cohesion, the engine which holds reality together.

When one side grows weaker or stronger, balance falters and reality loses it's hold on itself. Things begin to fall apart.

Jent is a harvester in this world, harvesting the essence, or glue, that binds human souls to their bodies. He is not human, yet he cannot remember his origin and has a human form, albeit with extra-human abilities. He has associates he calls the Saddlemen, who also harvest essence. The difference is, they harvest everday essence, while Jent reaps only that of rare, exceptional souls. This essence is much more valuable. The Saddlemen are jealous of him and wish to best him, yet they are not his adversary and he is largely indifferent towards them.

They both follow the orders, or rather, direction of The Council, a group of immortal humans who meet in a place outside the time and material existence that humans know. The Council is the true opponent, or opposite to Jent as a harvester, though neither they nor he know it. They have been working so long against each other, they have no memory or knowledge of their shared origin. For what The Cohesion really is, is the vibration, the frequency that allows spiritual matter to align with phyisical matter. In essence, the union that facilitates life.

Spirit, or consciousness, is one force. Physical matter is another. They are yin and yang in many ways. To truly come together, to align, requires The Cohesion to match their frequencies and allow Union. The essence of this is then harvested at the time of death, and fed back in to the Engine of Union as a fertilizer, or fuel.

In inception, each force spawned an avatar that could exist only in the relm of the opposing force, much like the dots of the yin yang symbol. The avatar of physical matter became the council and fractured into twelve divisions. They dwell in a realm of spirit and cannot physcally touch the mortal world. The avatar of spirit is Jent, the harvester, who knows not what he is, spirit incarnate, and exists in the mortal world, taking that spent glue back to drive reality.

(To be expanded, once authors have been assigned.)